Career Potential analysis

*English is still the only international language although there are more than 1 billion (1/7 world population) people speak and write in Chinese.
*Food security, environmental quality and natural resources conservation are issues having growing interests worldwide. Communications, cooperation, and trades between countries are more important than ever before.
*Local students who have general knowledge about agriculture and natural resources and have fluent English capabilities will fit in perfectly.
*Foreign students may get benefits from learning agriculture in a global vision and serve as contacts of CANR abroad.

Future Development 

*Faculty Recruitment
Invite more CANR faculties to participate in course lecturing and MS thesis advising
Invite more Visiting / Adjunct professors

*Student Enrollment
Enroll more international students (MOFA, ICDF, NCHU, Enterprises, …)
Raise more scholarship fund for local & intl. students

*Distance Education (MOE certified courses)
Faculty / Student Exchange
In-Service Master Program of International Agriculture

Agricultural / Ecological Tourism (Tea)
Social-Humanity Projects (GEAR-UP for SE Asia)

*Student Study
Double Major / Minor / Farm Manager Certificate
On / Off-Campus Internship Training
Study Abroad / Exchange Students (outward & inward)

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